Mayakoba: Riviera Maya’s Hidden Gem and Why You Need To Visit

mayakoba riviera maya hidden gem mexico

The phrase ‘Mexico’s Riviera Maya’ might spark images to you of bustling Cancun or ultra hip and trendy Tulum, but I’m here to tell you about an incredible hidden gem known as Mayakoba, just 30 miles from Cancun international airport. It comprises four luxury resorts nestled in a unique network of canals lined by mangroves and opening out onto a sublime stretch of white sand beaches. 

The three upscale resorts are Fairmont Mayakoba, Andaz Mayakoba, Rosewood Mayakoba and the Banyan Tree, and are in a private gated community

I had the unique opportunity to stay at the Fairmont Mayakoba this past September 2020, and I’m still in awe that such a unique property is present on the Riviera Maya coast and so close to Cancun. 

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What To Pack For An Off-The-Grid Experience

what to pack for an off the grid experience

With the overwhelming presence of social media and less than joyful news these days, there has been an up swing in the number of off-the-grid experiences booked by vacationers. If the thought of this fills you with dread, I ask that you open your mind to an unforgettable and refreshing experience that you probably didn’t know you needed. In a recent blog post, I have documented my stay at an off-the-grid rustic cabana in a remote island off the coast of Belize – read it here.

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The Ultimate 2 Week Belize Itinerary

One of the reasons why I love Belize so much is because of its vast variety of topography and culture – if you spent two weeks in just one place I fear you would miss out on so much that Belize has to offer! It really is one of those places where it’s worth hopping around a bit; luckily it’s super easy to travel around due to the accessible network of domestic flights, buses and transfer shuttles. Below I have outlined the perfect 14 day itinerary to make sure you make the most out of this awe-inspiring country.

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Top Tips For Travelling During The Covid-19 Era

top tips travel covid-19

As the travel industry is slowly bouncing back, I know there’s many of us itching to get on the road again, but it might come with some uncertainty. I have compiled a list of some tips and hacks for travelling safely during the COVID-19 era. 

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The $80/night Overwater Bungalow You Need to Add To Your Bucket List

When you think of overwater bungalows, is your mind picturing tropical exotic destinations like the Maldives and French Polynesia that take 156 days to get to?! Well I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to travel that far to experience it (nor burn a hole in your pocket).This hidden gem you are looking at right now is on a small remote island off the coast of Belize, and costs just $80/night! The island in question is called Tobacco Caye.

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11 things to do when youre having a down day

We’ve all had days like this – when you just feel a bit down in the dumps and there doesn’t have to be a specific reason for why you feel this way, it can just happen. But there are some simple things that you can do to help lift your spirits.

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8 of the Best Fitness Apparel Websites


We have moved on a long way since activewear first began and all you could buy were unflattering cycling shorts and baggy vests. Now the internet is awash with fantastic prints, sculpted fitted items that actually make you look and feel great. Here’s a selection of my top ten favourites from across the web.

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Top 6 Fitness Myths

Top 6 Fitness Myths Revealed - read to find out the top myths about health and fitness1. Women who lift will bulkmyth – women do not have the same testosterone levels that men do. Women generally will not put on muscle etc, in the same way as our male counterparts.

Cardio is for girls. Weight Lifting is for boys – not true. Just because you are a woman and weight lift, you will not get “bulky”. If you eat right and lift weights it can accelerate weight loss and make for a more aesthetically pleasing, trim and fit body. Women do not typically have enough testosterone to get bulky from weight lifting. Cardio is also beneficial for men in order to strengthen their hearts and can assist in weight loss if eating properly.

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Your Best Morning Routine (written by a chronically non-morning person)

Your Perfect Morning Routine (written by a chronically non-morning person) - follow these tips to have the best morning and kick start your day!

I’m going to be honest, I have NEVER been a morning person. I’ve always struggled getting out of bed in the morning, and those close to me would know that it’s probably in your best interests not to disturb me until I’d had a cup of coffee and at least half an hour to adjust to the daylight. But this year, I decided to change my habits, try and embrace the early mornings and toast to the new day. Here are my tried and tested tips to have your best morning routine. 

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Fitbit Fitness Tracker

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Fitbit Fitness Tracker - Fitbits are more than just a step counter, read this article to ensure you are using yours to its full potential!

  1. Sync the Fitbit App with My Fitness Pal – this allows you to more accurately determine your calories in/out ratio and becomes especially important if you are trying to sustain muscle or lose weight when you are trying to build up a calorie deficit. Fitbit has its own means to add in your food, but in my experience, My Fitness Pal has a greater food library, and it also has a barcode scanner where you can simply scan whatever you have eaten using your phone’s camera and log it straight in to your diary.You can also save meals which makes it so much easier to add in things you eat all the time. My Fitness Pal also allows you to break down the nutrients you are eating in a protein/carbohydrate/fat ratio in an easy to understand format. You can also see which meal is carrying the most calories for you. I try to have most of my calories for breakfast or lunch, and have a lighter dinner. I wouldn’t have developed an effective meal plan for myself if I wasn’t keeping track of what I was eating. Nutrition can be a lot more important than you might think when it comes to weight loss. Work smarter, not harder. Continue reading