How To Get The Most Out Of Your Fitbit Fitness Tracker

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Fitbit Fitness Tracker - Fitbits are more than just a step counter, read this article to ensure you are using yours to its full potential!

  1. Sync the Fitbit App with My Fitness Pal – this allows you to more accurately determine your calories in/out ratio and becomes especially important if you are trying to sustain muscle or lose weight when you are trying to build up a calorie deficit. Fitbit has its own means to add in your food, but in my experience, My Fitness Pal has a greater food library, and it also has a barcode scanner where you can simply scan whatever you have eaten using your phone’s camera and log it straight in to your diary.You can also save meals which makes it so much easier to add in things you eat all the time. My Fitness Pal also allows you to break down the nutrients you are eating in a protein/carbohydrate/fat ratio in an easy to understand format. You can also see which meal is carrying the most calories for you. I try to have most of my calories for breakfast or lunch, and have a lighter dinner. I wouldn’t have developed an effective meal plan for myself if I wasn’t keeping track of what I was eating. Nutrition can be a lot more important than you might think when it comes to weight loss. Work smarter, not harder. Continue reading