The Jungle Treehouse You Need To Add To Your Bucket List

I would be lying if I said that DTHV was a recent discovery of mine. It has been on my ultimate travel bucket list since their pictures first graced the scene of instagram. It’s also been somewhat of a familiar childhood dream to sleep in a treehouse, an actual treehouse (and not one you make when you’re a kid  in your backyard with a tarp and a couple of planks) not to mention one that’s in the MIDDLE OF THE JUNGLE. Needless to say, I was buzzing about just the thought of spending a night here, and not to give away the ending too much, but it did not disappoint.


The Dominican Treehouse Village is definitely off the beaten path, it’s in a region of the Dominican Republic called the Samana Peninsula, which is not an area that’s frequented very often by tourists. It’s an ocean away from the high rise resorts on the east coast in Punta Cana, completely immersed in the deep rainforest and largely untouched by the large chain hotel moguls. 

How To Get There 

It is a bit of an adventure to get there, but let me tell you, it is all worth it! The closest airport to fly into is Samana International Airport, but unfortunately there are not many flights into here, especially if you are leaving from the United States. The next best option is to fly into Santo Domingo International Airport which is about a 2 to 2.5 hour car journey to the Treehouse Village. If you book a package (which I strongly recommend that you do), it will likely include ground transportation from Santo Domingo. You can also fly into Punta Cana International Airport and use the treehouse’s transportation service to provide the transfers for an additional cost; it’s a further car ride (maybe 4 to 5 hours but it’s an option if you cannot fly into the other two airports). 

dominican treehouse village main reception
Main Lodge at the Dominican Treehouse Village


After checking in and a welcome drink, the staff at the treehouse will carry your bags and guide you on the rather adventurous trek up to your treehouse. On arrival I really was blown away by the awe-inspiring 360 degree view of the jungle canopy below. The rooms really are more like a hotel room than I had expected, however it is completely open to the outside, but with sleek red curtains on all sides for privacy. You are perched up off the jungle floor which was comforting to realise, and you have an actual bed with a mattress, bedding and pillows. There is a mosquito net surrounding the bed, and despite barely seeing any of these annoying bugs, it gave me peace of mind in case one had decided to hitchhike up on one of our bags. 

We were booked into one of the Treetop Treehouses, which is a slight upgrade from the standard “coffee treehouses”. These are more elevated and boast a better view of the jungle canopy. 

There is a locking box at the end of the bed that you can use to store your valuables, but I would refrain from bringing very expensive items; you are still in the jungle and will not need fancy jewellery or large electrical items (not to mention the humidity). You will be given two keys upon check in, one to the padlock of your treehouse door and one for the locking box at the end of your bed. I would recommend not bringing food with you as the treehouses are open and can attract wildlife! If you do have to bring snacks, make sure they are in a completely sealable container. The food provided at the treehouse is more than enough to satisfy even the rumbliest of stomachs. 

Most of the treehouses have a private bathroom that has a shower, toilet and sink with cold running water. There are warm showers underneath the main building if you so wish. If you decide to splurge and book the VIP Treehouse, not only does it have stellar views as it is one of the highest treehouses on the property, but it also has an outdoor shower with hot water.  

Food and Drink 

Your booking at DHTV is all inclusive, and includes breakfast and lunch taken on the grounds, rum based drinks and cocktails, water, coffee, tea etc and a daily lunch coupon that can be redeemed at one of the two local restaurants. We visited during the pandemic when tourism was still dampened and the capacity at the lodge was a lot lower than usual. We were therefore given a menu choice of items we could pick for breakfast and dinner. My understanding is that on a usual day they will likely have a buffet for guests. We were not disappointed by the quality of the food served to it, we loved the incorporation of local dishes and the use of fresh ingredients which you can see prepared in the open air kitchen by reception. 

All rum based drinks are included in your rates, and they did not disappoint! The bar staff curated some incredible cocktails l, and with a backdrop of the Dominican jungle, what could be better?!

During our stay, we tried both of the local lunch restaurants that are offered with the lunch coupon. The first one, “Emma’s” was a small local restaurant just at the entrance to the treehouse. We were given the menu choices of chicken and fish and within a few minutes of ordering, there were plates of delicious food making their way to our table. We had whole fish, fried plantains, rice and soft drinks. It is worth mentioning here that there is wifi for you to use here (as there is no wifi offered by the DTHV), for a small $10 fee which applies to the entirety of your stay – you are welcome to wander down during daylight hours to check your emails, etc after you have paid the initial fee.

The second restaurant we tried was right down on the beach, which is just a short bicycle ride away. On your first expedition to the beach, the staff will ride with you to show you the way; however it is just one lane, impossible to get lost! We gave our order when we got down there, a similar menu to that of Emma’s, and our food was served on tables right on the beach! You don’t get a better backdrop than that!


When I booked the treehouse, I bought a package, of which there are several listed on the website. I highly recommend doing the same if you wish to stay here; it really maximises your time and is a great value for money, not to mention it includes airport transfers! Our package included ziplining, and a couples massage. I also organised an ATV/horse riding excursion and a champagne breakfast in bed through DTHV also. 

Ziplining was definitely one of the highlights from our stay. It is quite the hike up from the treehouse to the first launching point of the ziplining course but it is definitely worth it. If you have a go-pro, bring a helmet adapter and the staff there can fit it on to your helmet so you can record your runs! The staff of Samana Zipline are also fantastic at documenting your experience. If you give them your phone, they will follow behind and take pictures or videos for you. Also worth noting that there are automatic brakes on the lines so you do not have to brake for yourself, a welcome relief from the gloves I have had to wear to slow myself down on previous ziplining courses! You are also permitted to go together with a friend or partner which was pretty fun as you definitely end up flying a lot faster with the extra weight! At the end of the course there is a local that opens up fresh coconuts, and adds rum for a welcome reward for finishing the course. 

Your stay at the DTHV includes the use of bicycles that you can easily bike down to the beach and spend the day swimming, surfing or just enjoying the sun and sand! 

The excursion I booked through the treehouse was an ATV and horseback ride to the El Limon waterfall. It was an epic fun-filled day and I highly recommend this trip if you book a stay at DTHV. We began with a taxi ride into town where we were shown the ATV we would be riding. We followed a group of three other couples, up and down the hilly countryside, through mud puddles and local villages. They even had a photographer to take professional pictures of your experience for a small fee if you wished to purchase the pictures at the end! There were a few stops including a visit to a local community where they showed us the process of making chocolate from cocoa and let us try all the local fruits.

We also stopped at a picturesque beach, Playa Moron, picked up a few souvenir bracelets and snapped some pictures before heading back.

On returning the ATV, the taxi took us towards El Limon. We had a delicious lunch of fish, rice and accompaniments at a small local restaurant before being introduced to the mules we would be riding to the waterfall. Being very inexperienced on horseback, I was a little apprehensive, but I needn’t have been – the mules had done this route to El Limon multiple times, and were very steady footed even going down the steep hills! Each mule is led by a guide that walked next to us for the entire trek. At the end, we went by foot down a long trail to view the very impressive El Limon waterfall. It was very touristy, but for good reason! You can have your picture taken by the falls with a parrot, and stock up on local souvenirs. We took the mules back to our base camp before heading back to the treehouse village.

Onsite at the treehouse village, there is also a wonderful swimming pool, hidden beneath the jungle trees, the perfect place for a dip after an exciting day adventuring! In addition there is a yoga dome with frequent classes and retreats hosted here. 

Additionally, I booked a champagne breakfast in bed during our stay at the treehouse village. It was a little on the expensive side, but where else do you get to sip champagne in your own private treehouse overlooking the Dominican jungle? The perfect end to an unforgettable stay at the Dominican Treehouse Village!

For even more pictures and videos of my experience, be sure to check out my Dominican Treehouse Village Highlights on Instagram – @chase.the.rainbows


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