The Ultimate Secluded Paradise – Las Alamandas Resort Mexico Review 


Las Alamandas, a small luxury hotel situated on the pacific coast of Mexico, really is one of North America’s hidden gems and there’s a reason why this hideaway is frequented by celebrities craving respite and seclusion from their busy lives. With just thirteen intimate suites exhibiting a rustic and romantic elegance, exemplary service and extensive grounds, I’m imploring you to add this to the top of your bucket list. 

Location and How To Get There

Las Alamandas is ideally situated on the idyllic costalegre coast, midway between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo, in which there are frequent flights from the United States and many other international destinations.

Upon arrival into Puerto Vallarta or Manzanillo, guests have the choice of travelling by land or by air, as not only does this boutique resort reside in 2000 beautiful acres but it also houses it’s own airstrip; so if you really want to arrive in style, Las Alamanadas will assist in charting a plane for you. 

The other option is to take the two and a half hour car journey (from Puerto Vallarta) – the hotel can assist with private transfers to and from the resort which can be added to your bill and paid at the end of your stay.

When I first arrived, I hadn’t quite reconciled how large the grounds were until I realised it was maybe ten minutes of driving through the front gate that we reached the main part of the hotel. 

Check-in Process

This was one of the easiest check-ins I have ever experienced; not only were my expectations exceeded by the service I received in the first few minutes of my arrival but every detail has been carefully thought out. The driver dropped me off directly outside my suite where I was greeted by Maria from the front desk and Paulo, one of the wait staff. I was offered a warm towel and ushered into my suite while the staff carried my luggage upstairs. I was surprised I didn’t have to stop at reception with all my bags and then lug them to my room, like is commonplace at most establishments; and honestly, after this experience, my standards for the whole check in experience have been raised three fold! 

I was shown around my suite and offered a fresh cold margarita (what a fantastic surprise!). Maria demonstrated to me all of the features in the rooms, how the safe worked, where the mini bar was and what was included in my room rate (something that is often omitted in most hotels. I signed some papers and was left to enjoy my room after the most pleasant check in experience – a clear tell-tell sign of what was to be experienced over the coming days. 


I was fortunate enough to stay in one of the Ocean View Deluxe Suites, Casa San Antonio 2, which had the most amazing feature – a rooftop terrace with breathtaking views over the entire resort and ocean below. There was a comfortable day bed under a palapa, two chairs with a table and a large outdoor lamp for the balmy evenings.

On the main level, when you walk in through the door there is an entryway with stairs up the rooftop terrace, a mini bar with complimentary fruit platter and jug of Hibiscus water, along with other beverages that could be purchased for a small fee (and very reasonable prices it has to be noted here – I think I have been hardened by the extortionate prices that grace the mini bar scenes in hotels within the United States!). There is also a coffee machine with coffee grounds, various mugs, glasses and cutlery to make yourself a drink at any time of day. 

There is air conditioning in the large bedroom, a television (however no internet or cable, just a DVD player – allowing for the ultimate disconnection), a multitude of chatting ports, a desk behind the bed and a small table and chairs in one corner of the room. But perhaps the most enticing feature is the double doors opening up onto your own private balcony overlooking the ocean. There are double doors that can be closed at night for privacy. 

Walking through the bedroom leads to the expansive bathroom with an enormous bathtub and shower. There is a double vanity sink with a large mirror, all tastefully decorated with Mexican tiles and living houseplants. The toilet and bidet are in a separate partitioned nook as is the walk-in dressing room which was a pleasant surprise. Not only did it have a luggage table, a plentiful supply of hangers but there was also a straw beach bag and umbrellas for guests to use during their stay. The hotel had also provided a flash light for walks back from dinner after nightfall and mosquito repellent for use at dusk. 

Although I did not view any of the other suites, I have seen pictures of the remaining accommodations and I know I would have been overjoyed to stay at any of them. The presidential suite in particular, with its own private pool and expansive ocean front views would be the ultimate getaway or place to celebrate a special occasion with a loved one.

Food and Drinks 

The food at Las Alamandas really is quite exceptional, and it is clear that the chef and kitchen staff take great pride in curating a daily menu that reflects a fusion of Mexican and international cuisine using fresh organic ingredients, many of which come from the onsite fruit and vegetable garden.

Guests have a choice to dine at the Oasis restaurant, featuring indoor- outdoor seating choices with views across the tropical gardens. There is also a tequila and margarita bar that was designed by the owner, Isobel Goldsmith. The Palapa Beach Club is located steps away from the beach and features oceanfront tables and artfully designed loungers. 

The drinks menu is also not something to be underestimated. There is a large selection of cocktails, all of which are very reasonably priced. The wait staff also expressed that if there was something that you fancied that was not on the menu, and provided they had the ingredients, they could make it for you. For instance, I made it a habit to order a mimosa when I placed my breakfast order, a drink that was not necessarily listed, but the bartenders were more than happy to create. The mango margarita in particular was one of the best margaritas I’ve ever had. There is also an extensive wine list which the staff will be more than happy to pair with your menu choices.

Hotel Facilities 

With over 2000 acres, there’s no shortage of places to explore during your stay. Be sure to take the ATV tour when you arrive (or the morning after like I did), to get your bearings and really see what the hotel has to offer. 

The hotel boasts four private beaches, of which the hotel staff can set up picnics at any of them! They will also drop you off there and pick you up when you are ready to head back. Some of the viewpoints overlooking the ocean were absolutely breathtaking, and I found myself just staring out watching the waves and forgetting the world.

During your tour, you will be shown the air strip (if you didn’t already arrive by private plane), the organic fruit and vegetable garden which helps supply all the ingredients they use at the restaurant. There are chilli plants, melons, banana trees, agave plants (for tequila) and the most beautiful array of colourful bougainvillaea I have ever seen! 

There is a large lake and river also onsite which is fantastic for bird watching or simply relaxing with a drink and picnic. 

Given that the resort has just 13 suites, I was pleasantly surprised by the size and variety of equipment at the hotel’s onsite gym. There is state of the art cardio equipment, free weights and various cable machines that rival most local gyms in my area. The whole space is air conditioned with a fridge housing ice cold waters, and separate rooms with showers and toilets. I later came to find out that this gym had been custom built for Robert De Niro after he was known to frequent it so often. Let me tell you, they spared no expense, and I was grateful for that! Situated on top of the hill, the gym also offers unparalleled views of the resort – I especially loved watching the coatimundis scaling the trees right outside! 

Things To Do 

  • Horse riding – There is a stable onsite and for a small fee, the hotel can arrange horse riding on the beach. I got the opportunity to ride one for a short time during my tour and the horses are incredibly well behaved, and given thatI am not a seasoned horse rider, the staff were very patient with me. So no need to worry if you have never ridden a horse before! 
  • Picnic on the beach – as mentioned before, the staff are more than happy to set up a picnic for you at a location of your choice and provide transfers to and from there. Some of the views from the top of the cliffs were breathtaking and I can’t imagine a better place to enjoy a sundowner.

  • Explore beaches – with 2000 acres and four private beaches, there’s no shortage of places to explore and you can guarantee you will find a deserted beach with no one in sight! There’s a reason why photographers from the likes of Vogue have chosen to do photoshoots here. 
  • Lounge by the pool – only steps from the beach is the resort’s pool, with two large covered daybeds and loungers surrounding it. You can order drinks from the pool and the staff will bring it to you – is there anything else more perfect?! 


From the moment I stepped out of my transfer on arrival, the service I experienced exceeded my expectations; I was greeted like an old friend and nothing was too much trouble. With a staff to guest ratio of at least 5:1, you really can expect the very best.

Upon asking one of the wait staff if I could eat on the beach one night, instead of at the indoor dinner restaurant, he responded, “Of course, this is your house. You can eat anywhere you please.” 

One afternoon, in conversation with one of the wonderful staff members, Suzzo, I expressed how much I loved tacos, and despite them not being on the menu, low and behold the following lunchtime they had prepared me the ultimate taco spread, with homemade tortillas, guacamole, beans and delectable selection of toppings – jumbo bacon wrapped shrimp, tender beef strips, chorizo and cactus. It was such an incredible surprise and an example of just how the staff here really go above and beyond to meet the desires of their guests. And let me just tell you, they were the best tacos I’ve ever had (and I’ve eaten a lot of tacos in my lifetime…) 

I was never waiting more than a few seconds for a drink, and you could order food and drinks from just about anywhere on the hotel property. The staff are so very attentive, and always looking to assist whenever they can. 

Closing Remarks 

I was absolutely blown away by my stay at Las Alamanadas, most notably by the impeccable service I received, the immaculate grounds and brightly coloured architecture and interior design,  which quickly made this hotel one of my all time favourites; and I am already planning my return trip.

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