8 of the Best Fitness Apparel Websites


We have moved on a long way since activewear first began and all you could buy were unflattering cycling shorts and baggy vests. Now the internet is awash with fantastic prints, sculpted fitted items that actually make you look and feel great. Here’s a selection of my top ten favourites from across the web.

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Top 6 Fitness Myths

Top 6 Fitness Myths Revealed - read to find out the top myths about health and fitness1. Women who lift will bulkmyth – women do not have the same testosterone levels that men do. Women generally will not put on muscle etc, in the same way as our male counterparts.

Cardio is for girls. Weight Lifting is for boys – not true. Just because you are a woman and weight lift, you will not get “bulky”. If you eat right and lift weights it can accelerate weight loss and make for a more aesthetically pleasing, trim and fit body. Women do not typically have enough testosterone to get bulky from weight lifting. Cardio is also beneficial for men in order to strengthen their hearts and can assist in weight loss if eating properly.

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