8 of the Best Fitness Apparel Websites


We have moved on a long way since activewear first began and all you could buy were unflattering cycling shorts and baggy vests. Now the internet is awash with fantastic prints, sculpted fitted items that actually make you look and feel great. Here’s a selection of my top ten favourites from across the web.

  1. With Love From Paradise – This is, without a doubt, my favourite site for fitness apparel. The brand is awash with tropical designs, graphic prints and bold colours. They feature many styles of crop tops and bralets, which don’t have to solely be part of your fitness wardrobe, you can even wear under baggy tees and strappy dresses in the summer. They now stock a range of swimwear which is to die for!


2. We Are Handsome – Famous for their photographic prints, these are not to be missed if you want to stand out at the gym! All of their items come in a range of styles, whether you want leggings, capris, bicycle shorts, double shorts, high waisted tri pants, there will be a style for whatever activity you wish. Also check out their swimwear for the same vibrant prints to take on vacay!


3. Running Bare – This site is also packed with bright prints and edgy designs on all of their apparel. You can also shop by which workout you are planning – yoga/running/swimwear/gym and they will pick out their best pieces for you based on the activity level you desire. Make sure you take a look at their blog “Bare Aesthetics” for fitness tips, healthy recipes and upcoming style previews.


4. L’urv Apparel – This is an Australian brand, but with international shipping at $25 AUD ($18 ish) you could land yourself a fab new workout outfit in no time and make your friends green with envy. One great feature they offer is that you can shop their Instagram (@lurvsportswear) and see how others are rocking their kit!


5.  Lulelemon – Highly coveted by fitness and fashion lovers alike, there’s a reason why their clothes are in such high demand. With sports bras to match any sporting activity, you are sure to find something to update your workout wardrobe.


6. Nike – no fitness apparel post would be complete with mentioning this mega-brand. Their Nike pro shorts have been my wardrobe staple for many years now, I am still wearing items I bought in my teens and they’re still holding up to some of the most vigorous of workouts. I also buy my workout shoes exclusively from here, no other trainer has fit me better, or held up to so much wear and tear. My last pair I managed to design myself on their website – (for a small added fee) – and it means no one will have the same pair!


8 of the best fitness apparel websites

Trainers – Nike Roshe Run; Capris – Nike Pro

7. Victoria Secret – now, as much as I was distraught that VS have made the decision to cease their swimwear range, I am content that they are focusing much more on the sportswear range. Their sports bras are very supportive, and offer more options for you busty ladies too (added bonus!). Their sister brand, PINK also does sportswear which is my go-to outfit for yoga and pilates classes.


8 of the best fitness apparel websites - outfit Victoria Secret (dog sold separately!)

Tank and Leggings – Victoria Secret Pink  (Dog sold separately)

8. Stronger Label – Based in Europe, this brand offers US delivery for $10. They feature gorgeous prints and must have fitness accessories such as yoga mats, gym bags, boxing gloves and shakers, all in their custom prints. Their hoodies are a particular favourite of mine, with vivid prints featured on the inside of the hoodie.


Have you got any other favourite sites that you like to use to buy your workout gear? I would love to hear from you!

8 thoughts on “8 of the Best Fitness Apparel Websites

  1. Jazz (@JazzOnTheRun) says:

    Wow, learn something new everyday! I’ve only heard of Nike & VS and didn’t even know VS sold fitness apparel. I’m guessing it’s due to me never shopping their before. And did you say design your own? Sign me right on up!! LOL! I appreciate this list.

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  2. aboutabbyblog says:

    Love this- I hadn’t heard of quite a few of these so I will definitely have to check them out! I buy a lot of LuluLemon apparel, and it certainly hurts my bank account! haha. Hopefully some of these are more reasonable in price!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. karyld2016 says:

    I love some of these brands, but I have to admit…I buy my workout clothes at Ross, TJ Maxx and Marshalls 🙂 I’ve found very cute Nike, Under Armour, etc. for a fraction of the price because they are styles a year or 2 old. I figure if I’m just going to sweat in them, no need to spend a ton of money on them

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